Flying In De Aar – Falling Head Over Heels In Love With Taking Flight To The Skies

Could any feeling be quite like it? Taking to the air, like a bird, and flying your heart out. What is it about humans and their desire to fly? We’ve been created with two legs and two arms, definitely not flying materials! Yet, there hardly exists a person who has never had that insatiable desire to take flight.

Granted we may never know just why we have an in-built desire to take to the skies, but what we do know is that there is a way of satisfying that fascinating need.

Many places in the world offer incredible flying experiences for the advanced participant, right down to virgin flyers. One such place that promises a unique and unforgettable flying experience is De Aar. How can you take to the skies in this part of the world? It’s time to investigate!

Para-gliding Paradise

Of all the various ways that taking flight is possible, para-gliding likely comes up tops in giving the feeling of being truly free and liberated. A para-glider uses the wind to to soar and fly like a bird, covering many kilometers and of course stunning views.


De Aar offers the keen flyer an abundant choice of para-gliding regions, all of which will enthrall the flyer by showcasing breath-taking scenery, unique landscape and an unforgettable journey.

Some para-gliding schools in De Aar have even hosted international competitions and specialized tours. With such an awe-inspiring landscape at their fingertips, it is no wonder that para-gliding schools in De Aar take full advantage of their surroundings!

For The Experienced Para-gliders


If you’ve already got your wings, then De Aar won’t disappoint in delivering new experiences, challenging events and an experience to tell the grandkids about. There are many excursions tailored to experienced para-gliders, as well as the opportunity to receive support in breaking records and reaching flying milestones.

For The Virgin Flyers


Don’t worry if this will be your first time to reach for the skies. Schools offer a tandem flights which many novices love. This gives you the chance to enjoy the wondrous landscape, stunning scenery and breath-taking views, without having to worry about the technical side. If you’re keen to get into flying, this is great way to whet your appetite and give you the motivation to commit to a flying adventure.

What About The Weather?

Whilst most schools are open all year around, opting for a flying holiday during the Winter season can be a good idea. The weather during this period tends to be reliable and predictable, almost guaranteeing a trip that is as flight-packed as you could possibly wish for.


Feeling free and liberated is an emotion that many people search for throughout their life. Whilst various activities and events may give a limited sense of freedom, taking flight can satisfy this need in a much fuller sense.

If you’re a novice who wants to get started, then De Aar could be a great place to begin your flying chapter. With incredible schools, great weather conditions and utterly beautiful terrain, you may find yourself falling head over heels in love with taking flight to the skies.