Paragliding Safety Tips

Paragliding is a recreational and competitive sport by the use of powered paraglider wings. A paraglider is usually a non-motorized, foot-launched wing. This adventure sport is associated with flying lightweight, free-flying and foot launching. It is also considered as the easiest way to enable individuals to fly around the sky.

Paragliding is becoming a very popular aerial sport because of the thrill and excitement it offers to paraglide enthusiasts. Undoubtedly, it is a fun sport that can enable you to overcome the stresses of your daily life.


Paraglider flights are known to last hours on end and cover tens of kilometers by requiring only skillful exploitation of the forces of lift and air movements. The standard set of equipment for paragliding includes the canopy or wing and the harness, a flight suit, safety helmet, and boots.


How It Works

Paragliding is basically launching, flying and landing. Paragliders are extremely light and can take the flyer up to 7000 meters high. The wings are laid out flat on the ground facing the direction of the wind. The gliders are then inflated causing them to rise from the ground until it is in an overhead position. The pilot then runs forward launching in the direction of the wind until the speed needed and is then automatically pulled off the ground. The pilot can then enjoy the breathtaking sight from hundreds or thousands of feet off the ground. The breaks enable the pilot to have full control of the paraglider. By pulling the breaks, the pilot can change the direction of the glider. He can spend hours enjoying the flight but landing back to the ground is mandatory. Landings vary based on the wind and conditions, so as a pilot, you should develop proper landing techniques to reach the ground safe and sound.

Safety Tips

Although paragliding is a fun and exciting sport, it can be daunting to beginners as it exposes the participant to tremendous risk of accidents and mishaps. And because safety is the most important factor to consider when trying out this sport, we deem it necessary to give you some helpful paragliding safety tips.

Get a Certified Instructor

For beginners, getting a certified instructor is the most important thing. A certified instructor is presumed to be a good instructor. And a good instructor will assist and enable you to build systems and techniques to manage proper safety. So getting a certified instructor ensures that one gets the best instructions before sailing for the first time.

Prepare Yourself

Preparing yourself properly physically and mentally before paragliding is very important. Do not fly when tired, sick, or under the influence of any kind of intoxicants. When you fly, you should be on your sharpest mind because mistakes happen even to experienced pilots.

paragliding safety tips

Learn to Read the Weather

Fly only in good weather and keep a close eye on the clouds while flying. Check accurate weather forecast ahead of your flight and know the area well. As a paraglider, you will have to learn to read the weather to be safe because mountain weather can change quickly.

Check Your Equipment

All paragliding equipment should be inspected regularly and before each flight to ensure it is up to proper working standards. In addition, use the canopy suitable for your skills and condition. Whichever canopy you choose to use for paragliding be sure to read the manufacturer’s recommendations for use. Keep in mind that not all canopies are made equal and that some canopies are made for beginners while others are made for more skilled paragliders.

Practice Both Launching and Landing Techniques

Again, safety is of paramount concern. Properly planning a safe approach to launching and to the landing zone should be a priority. When landing, you should avoid landing out of the zone because it increases the likelihood of an accident. Always plan for the end of your flight before you even begin.

Whether you are into adventure or seeking some bold recreational activity, paragliding is the perfect sport for you. And by following these paragliding safety tips, you can ensure a safe and enjoyable flight.